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Something about Gearboxes

Central to the reliability of any wind machine is the gear box — this is where Amarillo has the advantage.

Drawing on over 75 years of industry leading gear box engineering and design experience from Amarillo Gear Company, we have developed upper and lower gear boxes that have come to symbolize durability in the wind machine industry worldwide.

Here's why:

  1. Our spiral bevel gears are precision machined from nickel alloy steel, case hardened and lapped as a matched set
  2. All gear tolerances are permanently set during assembly through custom lathe cutting, thereby eliminating problematic shim packs that lead to gear box failure.
  3. Amarillo uses top quality Timken brand tapered roller bearings.
  4. All shafts are manufactured from heat-treated alloy steel.
  5. Double-lip, spring-loaded seals are used on the input and output shafts of both gear boxes.
  6. Our upper gear box has an AGMA mechanical rating of 226hp, and the lower has an AGMA mechanical rating of 193 hp.
  7. Interchangeable by design, Amarillo gear boxes can be used to upgrade most other brands of wind machines


Contour Top Head: the contour head follows the slope of the terrain providing extended, even frost coverage.

Variable Speed Head Rotation Top Head: this head provides increased coverage on long or irregularly shaped blocks compared to the standard top head.