The Advantages of the Agrofrost Wind Machines PDF Print E-mail

Our highlights:

  • All our Wind Machines can be equipped with an additional burner.
  • Extremely reliable.
  • We use a 13" centrifugal clutch, where our competitors use a 12" clutch.
  • The tower can be set up and laid down electrically; this makes installation and maintenance much simpler and safer.
  • Easy to maintain, and very low cost of ownership.
  • Advanced features such as temperature triggered auto-start, runtime management and shutdown.
  • Balanced drive lines allow for minimal vibration in the transmission of power through the tower.
  • Our drive lines exist of 3 pieces, not 2 and the crosses and yokes are 20 to 30% heavier.
  • Our fans have been engineered for maximum efficiency, and have a greater performance than the competition. (see Fan Blades)
  • Our gear boxes are pressure lubricated.
  • Possibility to mount an external burner to increase efficiency and capacity, especially when inverison is poor.