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What's new?

  • Smaller and lighter. Advantages:
    • easier and cheaper to transport
    • takes less space in the orchard or vineyard
    • can now be used when row spacing is only 95 to 100 cm, like vineyards in Burgundy, Champagne, Bordeaux
  • New, patended burner. Advantages:
    • lower gas consumption (10 instead of 15 kg/hour)
    • bigger autonomy because of the lower gasconsumption
    • easier and faster to start up
  • New version R25. This machine rotates like the R20 but has the outlet 1m above the ground. Advantages:

    • ideal for crops like strawberries
    • it's possible to modify a R20 into a R25 and vice versa
  • Can be equipped with 4 bottle holders to mount on the machine. Advantages:
    • the machine can be displaced with the gas bottles mounted in the bottle holders
    • it's possible to use LPG gas instead of propane (only in combination with these gas bottle holders)
  • Comfort and safety features:

    • Acoustic and visual alarm if the temperature is too low or too high, so also when the machine runs out of gas.
    • Heat sensor that stops the gas supply if the burner goes out.
    • The sound insulation in the machine prevents condensation and is fireproof.
    • If the outlet is not mounted, the engine will not start (R20 and R25).
    • If the machine is still in blocked transport position, the engine will not start.
    • Possibility to equip with an Auto Start System. This can also be mounted later as an option.
    • Possibility to equip with wireless transmitter, connected to remote station. This can be used to start or stop the Revolution with a remote temperature sensor and to follow all data on a computer.