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In 2003, Patrik Stynen and Marc Polleunis, the two directors of Agrofrost, were introduced during a presentation of the Frostbuster at a German importer. During this presentation, they had the chance to speak with German farmers. There they find out that many farmers in Germany have several hectares of orchards, but often spread out over many small plots, plots of 0,3 to 1,5 hectare.

For these small plots, the Frostbuster is not ideal. So on the way home, Patrik and Marc discussed this problem and during that discussion, the idea of a stationary machine was born: a machine that would turn around in order to protect a circular area in the orchard.


The first prototypes were built in 2004 and in 2005, the first test were done, with very promising results. But due to some technical changes and delivery problems of certain parts, it took until 2007 before the first machines were sold on the market.


In 2011, we developed a new model. The biggest differences are:

  1. Twin-cylinder engine, with electrical starter.
  2. Electronic ignition of the burner.
  3. Then engine runs on propane gas.
  4. Smaller design, but more powerful fan.
  5. Better performance, but less fuel consumption.
  6. Alarm system available that warns the farmer in case of malfunctions.

Since November 2014, the FrostGuard can be delivered with an Auto-Start System.

December 2016, the third generation of the FrostGuard is launched: the Revolution.

  1. Available in 3 different models: R20, R25 and R30
  2. Smaller, lighter.
  3. Can be used in vineyards with row width of 1 meter.
  4. Equipped with new, patented burner.
  5. Gas consuption reduced to 10 kg/hour.
  6. Can be delivered with Auto-Start-System.