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In this section, you can find a lot of important information. The following items are treated:

  • how exactly our machines work.
  • what can you expect from our machines: this page explains that a lot of factors are involved if we speak about frost and frost protection.
  • protection limits: shows a table with the results you might expect in different kinds of fruits, depending on temperatures, humidity etc.
  • guidelines for use: here we give advice for an optimal use of our machines. A few points of attention to improve the results.
  • how to use the machine to improve fruit set.
  • Agrofrost machines versus science: the discripancies between science and our revolutionary system.
  • sense and nonsense of research: a lot of research centres want to investigate the working of our machines. Take a look at our experiences.
  • the difference between wet and dry temperatures.
  • downloads: manuals, leaflets etc.