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The FrostGuard - The most flexible frost protection available.

Originally designed for small vineyards and orchards, the FrostGuard is so flexible and easy to use that more and more growers buy it to protect larger areas as well. Because of the higher energy input and the flexible placement possibilities, the FrostGuard is able to protect against almost any night frost, for all kind of fruits and vegetables. New: with the AUTO START system, the FrostGuard becomes also the most comfortable protection.

The Frostbuster - The most economical frost protection available.

The Frostbuster is ideal to fight night frost on surfaces from 3 to 8 hectares. Your investment in the Frostbuster will pay you back quickly from 3 to 4 hectares for almost any kind of fruit. Don't look for a cheaper protection because there is none.

Wind Machines - The most comfortable frost protection available.

Wind machines are ideal for very big plots or for growers who want maximum comfort. Protection with wind machines is however limited to a temperature of -3 °C and will only function if there is a good inversion layer. If you have lower temperatures regularly, we strongly advise you to use the Frostbuster or FrostGuard.

Frost Alarm

The Frost Alarm is an essential element in frost protection. It's crucial to start you frost protection system at the right moment. The Frost Alarm will tell you when.